In Ukraine, we cooperate with the Father's House organization, which provides foster care for at-risk children. It also offers these often deeply traumatised children psychological care and an opportunity for special education in their own school. We have been able to develop our work thanks to the Otto per Mille programme.

In close cooperation with the local administration, we have promoted support services for children to
be reintegrated into their biological families, adopted or placed with their relatives. Foster parents and children were regularly provided with psychosocial counselling thanks to our project. The creation of a special individual development plan for each child allowed for better preparation for care in new families and/or reintegration into their families of origin. A total of 14 children were reintegrated back into their biological families.

  • 3 children were adopted and given the chance to start with a new family. A total of 53 children were supported in an individual rehabilitation education programme, of which 7 boys and 1 girl had never attended school prior to placement at Father's House.
  • 12 children were allowed to grow up in alternative family care options.
  • 3 children who had reached the age of 18 were supported in their entry into adult life. They became members of a youth project that helps children from orphanages to "stand on their own feet".