why diaconia

As a small organization, founded and headquartered in a post-communist society, we offer a different perspective in global development and aid. We bring this unique perspective to our project design and implementation as we seek to build more resilient communities. Our work uses a ground-up approach that emphasizes person-to-person cooperation.

Our History

Our Czech history and culture gives us a unique perspective that sets us apart from other aid and development organizations. For over 30 years our organization was banned under the Communist regime. We have experienced oppression and have struggled against it. We understand the economic, social, and political stresses that result when a society undergoes rapid change. As a result, we have expertise in implementing projects in post-communist and post-totalitarian countries. We know the questions to ask.

Our Size

We are a small organization working to solve big problems. While some may see our size as a disadvantage, we know the many benefits it brings. Our size allows us to be flexible and nimble, ready to quickly adapt to conditions on the ground. By working with other small, grassroots organizations, we are able to build meaningful and effective partnerships. While our budget is much smaller than large INGO’s, we are able to fund important and exciting projects that are often overlooked because of their small size. We favor skill-building over large scale financial contributions.

Our Heritage

We are the humanitarian branch of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB). The ECCB is internationally known for their openness, intellectual contributions, and theological rigor. Our progressive roots continue to drive us to fight for justice and equality for all. Our work is an act of Christian love. We stress that these acts are unconditional. We offer our help to all.