Resilient municipality

The Resilient Municipality programme supports municipalities prone to floods that want to improve their preparedness. The support lies not only in the technical equipment of the municipalities, but also in raising awareness of citizens on how to act in case of floods and how to reduce the damage that floods can cause.

In 2020, four new municipalities – Hrobce, Chodouny, Kamýk nad Vltavou and Rumburk – have joined the programme and will work with us for three years to prepare preventative measures, some of which have already been implemented. In Chodouny, we supported the reconstruction of the roof of the humanitarian warehouse and the creation of a digital flood planWe also supported the digital flood plan in the village of Hrobce, where a boat was also purchased for the local volunteer fire department. 

In Rumburk, we supported the purchase of a drinking water tanker, which will enable the town to provide water to citizens whose wells are damaged by the flood. We also supported the education of inhabitants in the villages about flood preparedness. We prepared 2 information manuals, a leaflet, and a practical magnet. 

  • 4 new municipalities have joined the programme.
  • 5 preventive measures supported in 3 municipalities.
  • 4 awareness-raising materials for citizens.