Our Mission

We are committed to helping people stand on their own. We envision a world where all members of the global community live with dignity, equality, and respect.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that individuals and communities can think and act big to bring about social justice.
  • We believe in building strong partnerships. By working together, we create more effective change.
  • We believe in community driven projects, led by those who have the deepest understanding of the issues.
  • We believe that creativity and passion drive social change.

Our Philosophy

Diaconia partners with small, in-country organizations across the globe. We believe that resources are best utilized by those with the deepest understanding of the local culture and history. We greatly value the unique insights and skills our partners offer and we rely on local resources whenever possible. Our projects start with local empowerment because we believe that economic and social development is only effective when community members take ownership. Through this model, we foster long-lasting projects that respect the cultural and political autonomy of the people with whom we work.

Our Promise to Those We Serve

  • We take evaluation seriously. Our goal is to get results.
  • We treat all people with respect, regardless of race, gender, religion, or ethnicity.
  • We are transparent in how we handle our finances and donations. It is tracked.
  • We work alongside our partners in the planning and implementation of all projects.