Migration awareness


In 2020, we focused on raising awareness on the topic of migration, especially in relation to climate change or foreign development cooperation. We created a short video showing a specific example of climate migration and development cooperation needs in Cambodia. 159,850 viewers saw the video spot. Our social media and website feature 130 posts and 66 articles focused on migration and sustainable development. 

We reached around 1,200 people through public events, workshops, talks and discussions. Furthermore, together with experts, we have produced 6 publications, which can be found on our Faces of Migration website. We have prepared a manual "Let's not wait, let‘s act", which is a concise and practical guide and inspiration to support local activities focused on sustainable development issues.

We participated in TEDx Youth, where we talked about the situation of refugees in the Zaatari camp in Jordan, as well as the experiences of aid workers abroad. At the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, we participated in two inspirational forums on journalistic work. Peter Tinti, a prominent independent journalist focusing on conflict, security, human rights and organised crime, was our guest.

We also participated in the Migration Summer School, mainly organized by IOM. We also supported the DAT School, an autumn school for reporting and data investigative journalism. Together with Amnesty International and Organization for Aid to Refugees, we organised the event "Once upon a time there was a refugee".


  1. We reached 3,791,296 citizens on social media and 419,721 on YouTube through videos, video games, publications, and other posts. Video is a highly effective tool for reaching the general public. 1,479,649 viewers have seen our videos. We also held 11 public events (6 of them offline and 5 online) where we were able to reach approximately 10,700 people.
  2. We reached 1,877 people through workshops for active citizens and youth programmes. This number is of course much lower than the numbers in the campaign section, but we are immensely proud of this work. We strive to systematically work with active citizens who are involved in public affairs in their neighbourhood. We have also worked with journalists, because we know that the role of the media in shaping public opinion is crucial, and we have tried to contribute to the development of their communication skills in informing the public about the project’s topics. We reached 500 journalists through media packages and 150 journalists through workshops.
  3. Our advocacy activities are closely related to the topics we cover in our publications, such as background studies, case studies and monitoring reports. We use these publications as the basis and body of arguments for our advocacy work. During the year we met 295 representatives of international and national governments in the countries where the project is implemented. We also joined 28 open letters, either by collaborating on their preparation or by joining letters produced by other organisations.