In Beirut, Lebanon, we have been working for the fifth year with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic through the local Tahaddi Community Centre in the Hay el Gharbeh slum. In addition to essential food aid in the form of vouchers, diapers or nutrition, it also provides basic necessities for the poorest households, such as blankets, heating, or cookers and cheap refrigerators for storing food. 

Through our local partner, we also assisted in the acquisition of personal documents (ID cards, birth and marriage certificates...), which are absolutely necessary for access to some services and for the possible future return of refugees back to Syria, if the situation there improves.

  • In 2020– 21, we are also using the proceeds of our Lenten collection to fund the running of a kindergarten and the distribution of winter aid (heating oil, warm blankets, and mattresses) to 540 households in dire
    need in the Bika Valley. We support the operation of a community health center that provides basic primary care and prevention.
  • 250 families in great need of support receive food vouchers each month, while another 60 or so have been supported in getting their necessary personal documents.
  • Every month, 25 families have received support from the social fund to purchase essential household equipment or to get personal documents.
  • 60 children (some of them with special needs) attend kindergarten thanks to our support. During covid distance learning, we supported 30 pupils by providing them with a small table and a borrowed tablet to enable them to learn.