Economic Opportunity

Economic Opportunity

We want everyone to be able to meet their needs, provide for their families, and live in safety. Sometimes real barriers such as inadequate training and lack of capital create cycles of poverty. We want to alleviate these barriers by improving market access, providing business training, and offering micro-loans. Read more about our projects:

Ethiopia - Bahir Dar

Our Vision: Empowering women with HIV/AIDS to run their own businesses, provide for their families, and send their children to school. We believe that strong women are the cornerstones of strong communities. (read more)

Ethiopia - TEMPISH Skates for Mill

Our Vision: TEMPISH is building a new mill to advance female entrepreneurship to improve the social and economic standing of women. (read more)


Our Vision: We envision a Georgia where people with physical and mental disabilities are full and respected members of society. We believe they offer invaluable talents and perspectives that enrich their communities. (read more)

Moldova Agricultural Development

Our Vision: Help farmers improve their livelihoods by increasing their productivity and connecting them to markets. (read more)


Our Vision: